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Matrix Laboratory Services


The services which are provided by Matrix laboratory may be summarized as follows:

1. Site & Geotechnical Investigation

  • On- Shore
  • Off- Shore

2. Material & Technology Testing

3. Quality Control of Projects

Site & Geotechnical Investigation:

The site and geotechnical investigation department has been readied to carry out investigations of diverse projects and clients in the UAE. Regardless of the size of the project, all MATRIX LABORATORY projects are approached with the expertise, technology and equipment required to meet the client needs.

MATRIX LABORATORY maintains modern drilling and soil-rock sampling equipment designed for site investigation purposes according to the latest technologies. MATRIX LABORATORY also has the latest field and laboratory testing equipment. Equipment for geophysical studies as well as mixers and pumps for grouting purposes are also available at MATRIX LABORATORY.

The scopes of services of the site and geotechnical investigation department are:

1. Drilling, sampling, field and laboratory testing.

2. Off-shore geotechnical investigation.

3. Geotechnical studies for various types of structures, such as buildings, roads dams, and special structures.

4. Geological survey including geological and geotechnical mapping.

5. Investigation, monitoring and analysis for slope stability.

6. Geophysical studies.

7. Installation and follow-up of measuring instruments.

8. Consultation on special geotechnical studies such as piles, special foundations, machine foundations, seismic studies, etc.

9. Prospecting studies and investigations for mining and construction materials.

10. Conduct research programs and training courses

The materials technology and testing department covers a wide range of specialized services which extend from routine testing of construction materials to consultation on complex problems related to materials technology and its application.

Equipped with modern field and laboratory testing equipment satisfying the British Standards (BS) or American Standards (ASTM) in the field of concrete, bitumen and asphalt mixes, soil and rock, aggregate and stone, steel reinforcement and building components, chemical analysis and water analysis, and non destructive testing and loading of structures, this department has carried out over the years thousands of tests serving the needs of both public and private sectors.

The scope of services of the materials technology and testing department are:

1. Materials Technology.
2. Asphalt and concrete mix design.
3. Testing of:

  • Concrete
  • Bitumen and asphalt mixes
  • Soil and rock
  • Aggregate and stone
  • Building components
  • Steel Reinforcement
  • Water
  • Special Engineering Materials
  • Chemical Testing

4. Non-Destructive testing and loading of structures.
5. Water tightness testing of structures.
6. Pile sonic integrity testing.
7. Consultation on construction materials and quarrying.

8. Design of materials testing laboratories.
9. Conduct research programs and training courses.

Quality Control of Projects

The quality control of projects department is another department of MATRIX LABORATORY. MATRIX LABORATORY is ready to implement quality control programs for major projects in UAE, such as hotels, hospitals, thermal power plants, highways, large fuel tanks, dams, precast factories and other major industrial projects. MATRIX LABORATORY maintains several sets of laboratory equipment in order to establish site laboratories whenever requested.

The scopes of services of quality control of projects department are:

1. Design and implementation of quality control programs for construction projects.

2. Supply testing equipment and manage site laboratories.

3. On site materials testing.

4. Prepare periodic quality control reports.

5. Design and implementation of quality control programs for manufacturing facilities such as:

  • Ready mix concrete plants
  • Asphalt production plants
  • Precast units plants
  • Blocks and tiles factories
  • Concrete additives
  • Building materials factories
  • Manufacturing plants

6. Calibration of asphalt and concrete batch plants.

7. Evaluate and assess the level of materials quality for projects utilizing statistical evaluation techniques


MATRIX LABORATORY is registered by Dubai Municipality and Department of Economic Development in the fields of biological analysis geotechnical investigation testing of construction materials and chemical testing.



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